Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Impressions of a bygone era...

It was just one landscape that became the Icon of an entire era in Western Art and even gave the artists' revolutionary movement its name! 

CLAUDE MONET's landscape titled IMPRESSION, SUNRISE  was one of the first few open-air landscapes that was painted in a riot of brightly coloured paint daubs on canvas in a style of painting that was an outright rebellion against the traditional dull greys of the closed room paintings.

Impressionist  Landscapes were made with more sensitivity towards nature's hues. The Impressionists worked with a keen eye for observations like the play of shade and light on objects and the reflections of other objects falling on it. They painted with small, short brush-strokes called broken or divided colour, reproducing the sparkle of light on the waters and the vibrancy of the foliage around, onto canvas. The short and choppy brush strokes lent their paintings an unfinished look but it is undeniable that there was scientific precision in the representation of the colours and light in the Landscape.

The Landscapes from the Impressionist era abandoned modelling and detailing, sacrificed solidity for the brilliance of colours, replaced perspective by the blurring of  distant horizons. Their spots of colour represented distortions caused by the  bright and shimmering light or the atmosphere in which the scenery bathed. Claude Monet's landscapes always had water bodies that provided movement and while painting he not only represented light but also depicted, fog, mists and cold. As a fine Art Curator, it's an exhilarating feeling to find an artist who shows the same spark of finesse. Artist Chester Carter has attempted a style that the Masters pioneered. Here's a self-taught Landscape artist from Nevada whose work seems to be strongly influenced by the Impressionist Era.

 His paintings for your kind appreciation.....

Media : Oil on Canvas
Completed on 08/29/2013
Size: 18X24X1.5 inches

Media : Oil on Canvas
Completed on 09/12/2013
Size : 24X30X0.5 inches

Media : Oil on Canvas
Completed 08/19/2013
Size...24X18X1.5 inches

Media : Oil on Canvas
Completed 09/20/2013
Size: 24X12X1.5 inches

Media : Oil on Canvas
Completed 09/25/2013
Size : 24X12X1.5 inches

Artists are also performing for an audience and Art when appreciated is the acknowledgment of a person's attempt of self-expression. Your kind and constructive criticism is precious to us, the emerging artist and his humble curator!